Business Support

Business Support

In late 2014, Developing East Arnhem Limited (DEAL) received one-off seed funding of $4 million in total from Rio Tinto Alcan and the Northern Territory Government to enable day-to-day operations and establish a Regional Economic Development Fund to support business establishment or expansion.

Interested investors and businesses are encouraged to make direct contact with Developing East Arnhem Limited to discuss emerging opportunities, specific projects or proposals and available support.


Other Support

Dedicated economic development staff from Rio Tinto Alcan and the Northern Territory Government support Developing East Arnhem Limited to deliver on its objectives. Regional officials from the NT Government’s Northern Australian Development Office are located in Nhulunbuy and can advise on relevant government programs and policies and connect investors into sector specific support across government. This includes relevant resource assessment and development programs from the Departments of:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Primary Industry and Fisheries
  • Infrastructure


A calendar of local events is on the Nhulunbuy Corporation website.  DEAL regularly host business events in the region, promoting these on our website, Facebook account and on the Corporation’s site.