Housing FAQs

How can you apply for the vacant rental properties?

Any business or organisation can apply through East Arnhem Real Estate.

Email: pm@eare.com.au

Contact no: (08) 8987 2209

The application must demonstrate all the relevant criteria within the guidelines have been met. Applicants need to look at the private market first and will only be approved if comparable alternative accommodation is not currently available.

Tenancy agreements will be with employers as housing will be available for businesses to accommodate those holding jobs in the community.

Where can I obtain application forms?

Housing application forms are available here.

Alternatively, please contact EARE for further information.

Email: pm@eare.com.au

Contact no: (08) 8987 2209

How are applications assessed?

Please refer to our housing policy for information on the assessment process.

You’re welcomed to discuss these items, and the assessment process in detail with East Arnhem Real Estate on (08) 8987 2209 or pm@eare.com.au

What happens if I have entered into a lease under the former Rio Tinto Alcan policy?

All leases entered into prior to accommodation being transferred to Developing East Arnhem Land will be honoured.

What are considered reasonable steps to secure and/or retain private rentals prior to applying to access a Developing East Arnhem property?

It is an expectation that applicants consult local real estate agents and search for available rental properties (either online or by looking in the newspaper, etc) prior to lodging an application.

If existing rental properties are available at a comparable price, standard and terms of occupancy, applicants should first take up these offerings.

If an applicant intends to vacate a rental property at the end of an existing lease term to occupy a Developing East Arnhem Land property, they will need to demonstrate that continuing the current lease would place an unnecessary or unreasonable burden on their business or service.

Can application decisions be appealed?

As with a normal rental application process, there is no option to appeal a decision.

Can I obtain information about an application status?

No, like any rental application, individual applications are commercial in confidence.

Can an individual apply for the vacant housing?

No, at this stage applications must be through a business or organisation. We encourage individuals to speak with their employer about options to obtain housing. This could be through a direct arrangement between the employee and employer.

What is the weekly rent payable?

From 01 October 2019 rental prices are as follows:

  • $350 per week for a 2 bedroom flat
  • $480 to $505 per week for a 3 bedroom house
  • $580 to $655 per week for a 4 bedroom house

What are the terms of the leases?

The preferred lease term is 12 months. Other arrangements can be negotiated.

Who pays for utilities such as power?

The tenant (business or organisation) is responsible to pay for all utility costs.

Where does the revenue from the rent received go?

Rental revenues return to Developing East Arnhem Limited and net income is directed to support our ongoing economic development activities in the region.

Who is managing the properties?

East Arnhem Real Estate is the agent managing the housing on behalf of DEAL and can be contacted on (08) 8987 2209 or pm@eare.com.au.