March 30th, 2021

Earlier this month, Rirratjiŋu and Gumatj traditional owners released their vision for the future of Nhulunbuy and the Gove Peninsula. This vision, titled A new journey together, is vital in shaping the post-mining future of the region and will provide the foundations for Yolŋu land owners, businesses, residents and industry to work together to achieve a positive future for the region.

Traditional owners have shared the vision to begin discussions with Gove Peninsula residents, businesses and organisations about the future, and provide certainty over the coming years about their views on a positive post-mining future for the Gove Peninsula. Traditional owners acknowledge the important role that others will play on this new journey.

“The Gove Peninsula is one of the most special places in Australia.

Our vision is to rejuvenate the region. It will be a place for us to share our culture, and a business and services hub for all of Arnhem Land.”

“Gove Peninsula-nydja dhuwala dhapirrk wäŋa dhuwala Australia.

Ŋilimurruŋguŋu nhänharanydja ŋilimurru yurru sharing ŋilimurruŋguwuy culture, business ga services dhiyala Arnhem Landŋuru.”  

Rirratjiŋu and Gumatj Traditional Owners of the Gove Peninsula


DEAL looks forward to working with traditional owners, the Gove Peninsula Futures Reference Group and other stakeholders to support the aspirations outlined in the vision to achieve a resilient, positive future for the region and opportunity for its people.

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